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Let’s preserve your family stories in a format that is both meaningful and accessible.

How it works

When you purchase an episode bundle, you’ll be prompted to coordinate a good time for an interview with your subject. You are welcome to sit in on the interview or just help get it coordinated.

Interviews are conducted via Zoom and last around 90-minutes. It’s helpful if your subject has headphones or earbuds to mitigate any audio challenges.

We will record both audio and video (if available) and will edit the audio down to three 10-to-15-minute podcast episodes. The final episodes will include just your loved one’s voice – no interviewer chit-chat in the final episodes.

Pick an angle

Are there particular stories you want immortalized? Or maybe an overview of grandma’s childhood and marriage years? Our interview will dive into your chosen angle over the course of a 90-minute call.

Try a sample

Listen to an episode about my own grandma’s early childhood.

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  • Who would you like interviewed and is there a story, in particular, you’d like to have recorded?